mongrels friend #2: Marlies

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Marlies Knöfel - Berlin.

The Mongrels met Marlies Knöfel at a fashion week dinner in 2012.

Immediately they fell in love with that very special and classy person and her lovely husband.

After having a conversation about wearing silk blouses in winter, she decided to visit the Mongrels in their shop and buy her first silk pin-blouse (Matilda in electric blue).

She still visits the mongrels in their shop - always together with her husband - buys the most special blouse from the collection and tells them exciting storeis about art, fashion and history from her numerous voyages with her husband.


On this pic on a boat trip in Hamburg, she is wearing striped Evita blouse, satined Stevie trousers and Stevie Blazer - all from the SS2014 collection.







When did you start wearing mongrels in common?

I started with my first blouse in 2012.

Why do you like mongrels in common blouses and suits mostely?

I love the great colours and precise cut of that line.

How do you combine mongrels in common pieces?

I combine mongrels pieces with Armani jeans and trousers. I love to combine a mongrels silk blouse with my Gucci leather-trousers.

When do you wear the label – to which occasion?

Everytime - on the street and when I go out for dinner. I bought this striped blouse for a boat trip.

What kind of labels do you also like?

Dries van Noten and Chanel!….of course!

How does your job or your environment influence your style?

I try to be well-dressed all the time…

Which is your favorite “mongrels-piece” and why?

I like all mongrel-blouses - that´s why I bought them. I have a neon-yellow one, which fits perfect to a white pair of jeans, but the striped Evita from SS14 I like most, because it reminds me to the nordic elements water and wind. I am from Hamburg and in my heart a nordic girl.































neon-yellow Matilda blouse from 2013.

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