mongrels in common

Mongrels in common are based in Berlin-Mitte, Germany. They made their debut at “Moët et Chandon“ Fashion Award 2006, showing spring/summer 2007 womenswear.

Since summer 2009 mongrels in common are part of Berlin Fashion Week and opened their first shop in Berlin Mitte in 2012.


the mongrels

The designers Livia Ximénez-Carrillo and Christine Pluess met at Esmod School of Design in Berlin and soon discovered that they both had in common being from multicultural backgrounds: their roots origin from Germany, Switzerland, Peru and Spain. Their label was found in Mai 2006.



Neglecting racial, national and generic barriers they join pieces of a cultural kaleidoscope creating a different style. Uncompromisingly mixing masculine severity and straightness with female delicacy combined with high-quality materials they present a look that is elegant and exclusive.

mongrels in common became famous for their feminine silk and cotton blouses, shirts and dresses, as they created a special metal pin closure.



“Mongrelism“ is the essence of every mongrel collection and unites the two personalities of the designers Livia Ximénez-Carrillo and Christine Pluess. They constantly aim for a break of style by combining masculine and feminine elements, coupling avant-garde design with a casual, classical style, and by arranging subdued with flamboyant colours.