mongrels friend #1: Veronika

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140628_veronikaVeronika Peters was the first customer ever of mongrels in common.

We love her style and how she combines different labels. And afterall we love Veronika because she is such a lovely, creative and special person.

Veronika lives in Zürich, together with her husband, a photographer, and her 2 years old son.

She works at Swarovski for retail and design concepts.



























Vero, wearing our ss14 striped evita blouse and stevie trousers with aw13 green trench and mongrels vintage clutch.



When did you start wearing mongrels in common?

Ever since the label exists. I have even been wearing diploma pieces from the designers.

Why do you like mongrels in common blouses and suits mostely?

Because they are always special and timeless.

How do you combine mongrels in common pieces?

It´s very easy to combine mongrels in common pieces – with everything.

When do you wear the label – to which occasion?

At work, private, also on the playground with my son – actually all the time.

What kind of labels do you also like?

Prada, Miu Miu and Anita Moser for shoes, bags by Alexander Wang and YSL. Currently the drive-jacket from Ryan Gosling.

How does your job or your environment influence your style?

Not at all.

Which is your favorite „mongrels-piece“ and why?

The mongrels-jeans from 2007. In my oppinion the most special piece from the label. I am very sad, that they don´t produce them anymore. (I have 3 of them) But to be honest, I love all my 72 pieces of mongrels in common. I just counted them;)


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